Sustainability Improvement

In Stadshagen, It is not possible to pass by car from east side of the winkelcentrum to the west side. The street (Duiker) is allowed only for bus. If we want to pass to west side from east, we need to take the road from outside of the district. As an example, if I want to go to Frankhuis from Oeverzegge, I need to take more than 6 km by car. But it would be half (3 km) if we were able to use this street. If we calculate only the CO2 footprint of this additional taken km (3 km), it will be around 0.09 tonnes for 1 person for a round trip. If we have around 8000 house in Stadshagen, and if we estimate only 5% of the houses using this route, the total CO2 footprint per year would be around 36 tonnes. It is really huge amount. It makes around 1200 trees requirement for covering this. So, in brief, could you please consider to open this street also for cars?



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